2016 NCEES interactive annual report

NCEES is an organization that brings people together—including members and staff of our 70 member licensing boards, professional engineers and surveyors from across the country, and individuals working toward becoming licensed professionals. The organization has a unique dual role as leader and servant, but essential to both is the ability to listen and to work with others.

This annual report highlights the various ways that NCEES has connected with member boards, examinees, students and educators, professional engineers and surveyors, and other professional organizations to further our mission to advance licensure for engineers and surveyors.

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From the President
From the Chief Executive Officer

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Unite member boards
Engage future generations
Collaborate with other organizations

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A printed version of the annual report is offered in conjunction with this interactive annual report. Click on the images below to download the 2016 NCEES annual report and the 2016 NCEES Squared: A Year In Numbers.

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Download the 2016 NCEES annual report (PDF)

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NCEES Squared

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